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17-7PH 631 Precipitation hardening stainless steel strip, coil, sheet,


  • Delivery status:Cold-Rolled 、
  • Surface:Bright 、
  • Standard:AISI
  • Shape:Round,Flat,Square,Hexagon,Plate,Sheet,Other

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17-7PH / 631 COIL Strip SheetRange of products
Product typeProductsDimensionProcesses
Plates/SheetsPlates/Sheets0.08-200mm(T)*W*LForging,hot rolling and cold rolling
Steel BarRound Bar,Flat Bar,Square BarΦ8-1200mm*LForging,hot rolling and cold rolling,Cast
Coil/StripSteel Coil/Steel Strip0.03-16.0x1200mmCold-Rolled&Hot-Rolled
Pipes/TubesSeamless Pipes/Tubes,Welded Pipes/TubesOD:6-219mm x WT:0.5-20.0mmHot extrusion,Cold Drawn,Welded

View chemical composition and mechanical properties of 17-7PH / 631 COIL Strip Sheet(17-7PH / 631 COIL Strip Sheet Datasheet and Material certificate)

Product Details

C: Max 0.09%;    
Mn:1.00% Max;    
Si: 1.00% Max;    
P: 0.040% Max;    
S: 0.030% Max;  
Cr: 16.00-18.00%;    
Ni: 6.50-7.75%;    
Al: 0.75-1.50%; 

17-7PH / 631 Precipitation hardening stainless steel strip, coil, sheet, 

17-7PH(631),There are three kinds of delivery status: soft state, half-hard state, hard state.
Hardness range: soft state HV≤300, half-hard state HV 300-350, hard state ≥350
After aging can increase the biggest 80 HV hardness value.
Shape control:
  1. hard state delivery easy to control,Hardness about HV380.
  2. half-hard state easy to control to.
  3. soft state hardness Value range is larger, HV200 -250,
B.for hard spring do you usually do, such as the valve saucer reed, electrical spring leaf, etc.,
When machining deformation is small, because material is hard to prevent cracking broken soft material state generally is suitable for deep drawing.

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